If you do not find the kind of game that you are looking for in our game library, we can develop one specifically for you, according to your requirements and standards. This can be:

» Singleplayer browser-based game

We can create a singleplayer browser-based HTML5 game, which would require a bare minimum of effort to integrate it into your website.

» Multiplayer online game

Our strength is the development of multiplayer online browser-based games of varying complexities. We can develop a game for you and then help to integrate it into your website. Moreover, using BongoServer as a platform for multiplayer online games, we offer you the Lite version of BongoServer for FREE and without any limitations.

» MMO, MMORPG game

Are you planning more serious and long-term projects? Using the unique capabilities of BongoServer, we can develop a vast multiplayer online world which has a life of its own and generates real-world income out of microtransactions. Choose any setting you like, different heroes, whatever you want – we will do our best to make your ideas come true. Utilizing BongoServer and your fantasies, our team is capable of creating a game that will make your competitors green with envy.

» Downloadable game

If you have been dreaming for a while about creating a new game uniquely invented by you with stunning 2D/3D graphics (OpenGL, DirectX) but have not had time or an opportunity for doing all of it yourself, we can make your dreams come true. The game can be either a singleplayer or a multiplayer online game – the only limit is your imagination.

» Advergame

Did you ever consider using a unique game for advertising your products? Choose any genre and contact us. This game can either be built upon unique game mechanics developed according to your requirements, or it can be a game from our game library with your brand's attributes inside.

» Game for mobile devices

We have substantial experience in mobile game development for different mobile platforms. We develop for the ARM-based Windows Mobile devices, for Symbian devices and for the Brew platform.