» Salvo

Salvo is a captivating world of confrontation between the Captain and his Crewmen, the Betrayer and the Pirates. Try on each of these roles and prove your supremacy coming to victory in fierce conditions by being sneaky about who your true friends and foes really are. This colorful multiplayer world will provide endless hours of fun through playing with living and breathing opponents like yourself. Beat to quarters!

» Poker Bongo

Do you like excitement? Do you want to know if lady luck is on your side? Do you want to experience the tension when a single decision can lead to a thrilling victory... or the agony of defeat? Then come and give Poker a try! Bongo Games presents the most popular version of Poker - Texas Hold'em. Even if you are not familiar with the rules, come give it a try. It is only a matter of playing a few hands to grasp the idea and then you can start competing with experienced poker sharks. Currently, the game is only available in the largest ex-USSR wide social network - VKontakte, where gamblers can experience the spirit of a real casino by playing for the equivalent of real money! In order to play, you will need a VKontakte account.

» Blackjack Bongo

A casino classic has come to Bongo Games. No casino would be complete without it. Bongo Games is proud to present Blackjack Bongo. The second installment in the Bongo Casino Series of games. Here, the player is competing against the dealer in a classic game of 21. Does the dealer have blackjack hidden under that upturned ace? Or will she bust? Only the cards will tell when you decide to hit or stand. When the dealer is forced to hit on 16 and stand on 17 or better, your strategy, as well as others sitting at the table will be the deciding factor on who has the better hand. Or split that unlucky 16. You decide. The fate of your hand rests on the choices you make. Good Luck! In order to play, you will need a VKontakte account.