BongoServer Band

BongoServer Band
The BongoServer Band version offers the full spectrum of features available in the BongoServer platform. BongoServer Band is a powerful tool for building distributed game worlds. Accommodated to clustering, BongoServer Band allows for the building of fault-tolerant systems capable of handling hundreds of thousands of concurrent user connections. BongoServer Band enables user authentication customization, which makes it possible to incorporate the game server into systems with established user bases. BongoServer Band supports both binary and text protocols, as well as multiple user spaces, which allows one to combine several game portals on a single physical server. BongoServer Band offers support for multiple databases from different vendors. The following is a list of components and features available in BongoServer Band:

  • unlimited number of add-ins loaded by the server;
  • universal game add-in;
  • guest authentication;
  • text protocols support;
  • automatic cross-domain policy file generation;
  • administration console;
  • syslog-compliant logger;
  • creating minidump on demand;
  • monitoring service;
  • 32 and 64-bit versions;
  • standard user authentication;
  • binary protocols support;
  • support of the client-side applications using both text and binary protocols simultaneously;
  • multiple databases support;
  • customizable user authentication;
  • clustering and embedded load balancing;
  • ability to build a cluster on a single physical server;
  • user and add-in spaces;