BongoServer Solo

BongoServer Solo
BongoServer Solo is a more advanced (as compared to BongoServer Lite) version of BongoServer, which is suitable for games not requiring distributed processing. Unlike the Lite version, the Solo version facilitates the standard user authentication and supports a single database. Offering a complete feature set for working with user accounts, BongoServer Solo is an ideal choice for small and middle-sized commercial game portals. The following is a list of components and features available in BongoServer Solo:

  • no limit to the number of add-ins loaded by the server;
  • universal game add-in;
  • guest authentication;
  • text protocols support;
  • automatic cross-domain policy file generation;
  • administration console;
  • syslog-compliant logger;
  • creating minidump on demand;
  • monitoring service;
  • 32 and 64-bit versions;
  • standard user authentication;
  • binary protocols support;
  • support of the client-side applications using both text and binary protocols simultaneously;
  • single database support;