BongoServer Lite

BongoServer Lite
BongoServer Lite is a small, extremely fast and simple to use version of BongoServer, tailored for ultra-fast deployment and the launch of multiplayer online games. If your task is to launch a game portal in no time, BongoServer Lite is the optimal solution for you. BongoServer Lite is an ideal choice for creating games that do not require user authentication or access to a database. Being completely FREE, BongoServer Lite is a perfect testing ground for analysing the payback and popularity of games, before you decide to switch to more advanced versions of BongoServer. BongoServer Lite can be seamlessly upgraded to the more advanced BongoServer Solo or BongoServer Band, because add-ins developed for BongoServer Lite are fully compatible with BongoServer Solo and BongoServer Band. Together with the universal game add-in, BongoServer Lite represents a completely free fully functional platform for developing multiplayer online games with the game mechanics implemented on the client side. This eliminates the need to do any server side programming. The following is a list of components and features available in BongoServer Lite:

  • no limit to the number of add-ins loaded by the server;
  • universal game add-in;
  • guest authentication;
  • text protocols support;
  • automatic cross-domain policy file generation;
  • administration console;
  • syslog-compliant logger;
  • creating minidump on demand;
  • monitoring service;
  • 32 and 64-bit versions;